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What does a great CV look like

What does a great CV look like

What does a great CV look like? Well, there is no one CV format and they can change with industry, but a great CV is all about impact!

See Suggested Reading for examples of different CV formats. Most business CVs will need to include the following:

Your name and contact info: Make your name the biggest thing on your CV. Include a mobile number and a professional sounding email that includes your full name. You don't need to change who you are - just set one up just for job applications. Include your LinkedIn profile if you have one and links to any online portfolios and personal websites you want them to see. In the UK, you do not include a photo, date of birth or age, nationality, marital status, or religion. Some other countries may.

Personal profile/statement: A short 5-line snapshot of you academically, professionally, and what you are looking for.

Transferable skills section: Reference as many of the skills needed in the job ad that you can back up giving a short 1-2-line example. Anyone can have a laundry list of skills; concise examples stand out to recruiters.

Key achievements sections: Include some compelling very targeted 2-3-line examples of achievements that show the impact you had in your role. What did you add, improve, deliver, create, enhance that is relevant to what you would be doing in this new job and what was the benefit to the employer's bottom line and their customers? List what you did and the benefit.

Education: List the most recent first in reverse date order and work backwards. Mention your university and degree programme. Highlight relevant modules that position you well for the role. If you have no work experience, move the Education section up underneath your personal profile

Work experience: List the most recent first in reverse date order. Streamline your experience for each internship or job in 1 or 2 lines and include more bulleted achievements. Employers don't want to read a job description so include other achievements that show the value you added to previous employers.

Volunteering: Do the same as per your work experience

Interests: You can be strategic and focus on your interests that can add another dimension to you but be authentic.

References: You can just write "Available on request"

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What does a great CV look like

By Anna Gordon - Certified Business Coaching Psychologist ABP CBCP

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