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The Really Good Idea Test

The Really Good Idea Test

Article update with video of the event

Event provided in partnership with Pearson and Julia Shalet.

A lively practical session with award winning author & acclaimed innovator Julia Shalet the 'Product Doctor'.

Whether you're thinking about topics for a project or dissertation, toying with a new business venture or just fancy a career in innovation, The Really Good Idea Test is a 7 step journey to finding out which ideas are worth going for.

  • Expose the reasons why most ideas fail 
  • Show you how to spot the biggest risks before you begin 
  • Help you take the challenge to "test before you invest"

'More than 90% of new products fail & the main reason is because of a failure to understand what the customer needs and wants.'

The Really Good Idea Test

By Julia Shalet - Author of The Really Good Idea Test
Julia Shalet is an award-winning innovator, who has managed high-value product portfolios & brought many successful new ideas to market across a broad range of sectors. She helps people move their ideas forward often through hands-on workshops & "idea to good idea" research. She also teaches at UCL, the Chartered Institute of Marketing & helps PhDs nationwide to find commercial opportunities in their research.

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