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Take great notes

Take great notes

Why is great notetaking an important skill for students to master?

Great notes help you to understand, organise and remember your studies and to produce better assignments and to do efficient revision. 

What's the most common mistake students make in this area? 

The most common mistake is not to redo your notes each time you take some. When you return to your notes you need to find they are clear, easy to read and organised. Another mistake is not to record the source of the notes - for example, the lecture title or the details of the bookmark or paper being referred to.

What top tip would you give to students wanting to improve how they take notes?

The top tip is to remember three purposes of your notetaking. You need to produce a record of your learning, good material for your assignments and an aid memoir for your revision. 


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Take Great Notes

Take great notes

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Take Great Notes

Take Great Notes

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